Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glacier Perito Moreno & Goodbye Argentina

I was trying to add a video here, but it wasn't working. Then I forgot to post this. I'll still try to get it up soon.

It was time for my last day of touring in Patagonia. "Austral" is a term used for the extreme southern part of Patagonia since it's such a large region of the continent.

Erratic Rock (erraticrock.com ) connected me with Carla at Austral Glacier travel to get a bus and tour to Glacier Perito Moreno by El Calafate, Argentina. She had also helped me get the van tour of Torres del Paine and Buenos Aires hostel in El Calafate.

On the 1-hour boat ride getting closer.

First of 2 amazing calving views. The glacier rises over 200 feet above the lake surface. The video I'll try to put up is of that next section falling.

Scene 1...

Scene 2...

Scene 3

View from up above at another vantage point. You can't even see a fraction of the entire glacier.

During my last night in Patagonia, I visited a couple museums. Sadly, this was the only condor I saw (big buzzard-looking bird). They had some neat photographs of old trucks carrying wool to the coast to be shipped to England.

This airplane was used for many years in the area.
At one point the pilot crashed into the lake. I can't remember more of the story.

They say if you eat Calafate berries, you'll for sure come back to Patagonia. Since there weren't any growing at this time, I settled for spending 10 of my last 50 pesos on Calafate berry ice cream.

I went out to a lagoon to catch a glimpse of some flamingos. On the way back these gauchos almost ran me over with their heard of horses. I had to step behind a bush off the trial in order to not get trampled! I guess that was their way of saying it's closing time!

picture of a lamb asado

photo of the lake and mountains as I flew out of El Calafate


and then a photo in downtown Buenos Aires where I got to see Laura and meet her sister since they were in the city for a week. We had Starbucks and shopped for the last few things I wanted.

Then it was a LONG flight home, but no rushing to catch flights.

People ask me when I think I'll go back. I always respond with, "Tomorrow." It makes them laugh but I would go if I had the chance.

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